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How To Improve Your Self Esteem

Do you ever experience a situation where you feel utterly down? You don’t want to feel it but you can’t help it. You think that you are not good enough and you feel shy towards yourself. If this happens, you are suffering from a low self esteem. Once in a while, it’s nice to reflect on yourself and accept the fact that sometimes, there are things that is way beyond your reach. However, when people do this, they end up lowering their self esteem. Having a low self esteem means you are giving yourself a negative evaluation. Usually, this evaluation process takes place when certain incidents in our life affect our sensitivity. 

If you know what’s right for you, then you should stop yourself from being affected by those sensitive and unnecessary things. However, this situation can be very tough to implement thus you need to work on improving your self esteem first and foremost. Below are some methods on how to improve your self esteem.

•    Do not compare yourself to other people. The reason why a person feels inferior to other individual is the fact that they keep on comparing their own selves from another person. Accept the fact that there are people who have more talent than what you have and be contented with it. You might not have their talent but certainly, they will not also have your talent.

•    Do not put yourself down. Always be proud about yourself. Do not make any negative comments about your work, love life or your family. This will affect your state of mind and can lower down your self esteem.

•    Say Thank you. When someone appreciates your clothes or your new look, say thank you. This is a simple way of encouraging yourself that you deserved the compliment.

•    Surround yourself with good vibes. Stay away from negative people. They will just bring your self esteem down.

Every person is unique. You will only see the real you when you improve your self esteem. Learn to love the people around you and you will also discover how to love yourself too.

How To Help With Anxiety

Your future remains a mystery. You will never know what will happen next. Your crush might ignore you today but tomorrow, she/he might like you too. You might be suffering from a serious problem today but it will pass one day; problems cannot possibly last forever. A person should always look his/her life positively. When you do this, you are attracting positive energy. Apart from that, you don’t also stress yourself thinking about things that are about to happen. However, people had this bad habit of thinking too much which always lead to constant worrying. When this happens, anxiety occurs. Anxiety is different from fear. A person feels fear voluntarily. This is a person’s emotional reaction to known threats. Anxiety on the other hand is involuntary. You feel anxiety on unexpected situation like when you are walking over a dark street. You might worry someone will jump in front of you.

Anxiety isn’t a healthy feeling. It will only make you worried and allows you to think on things that are yet to happen. Why would you fuss about those things? You will never know if it will happen or not so why worry? However, if you are suffering from anxiety, it is for your best interest if you address your condition the soonest possible time. Feeling an extreme anxiety regularly can mean one thing: you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. Fortunately, there are ways on how to help with anxiety and overcome it. Below are the methods.

·         Share your problems. If you think that your problem is a serious one and you can’t handle it alone, share it with your friend. You don’t have to ask a friend to solve your problem but sharing it with her/him can lighten your load.

·         Know the reason for your anxiety attack. Accept the fact that you are indeed suffering from anxiety. Find out the reason and look for a solution.

Anxiety makes your whole being crippled. You cannot think clearly and your action becomes limited. If anxiety attacks you, follow the above mentioned ways to overcome it.